Why ESP?

Do today’s mega-systems sound truly live to you, or do they sound merely “impressive” but somehow artificial? Do they make you want to sit and be enveloped in your favorite music for hours, or are they better suited to showing off short audiophile tracks to friends at a cocktail party? Can you listen to those systems without fatigue or boredom to an entire album, a complete symphony, or even an opera?

The best systems should attempt to hone in on the sound of live music. Hitting that musical bull’s-eye involves the extremely rare convergence of technology, experience, and art into inspired creations. Success comes from the design equivalent of centripetal, rather than centrifugal, force–driving toward the center of sonic realism rather than spinning away in a “space race” of space-age components and cabinet materials which lead to newer models, more marketing hype, and higher prices but which have very little to do with musical realism or emotional involvement. Among the thousands of speakers on the market, even among the dozens of extremely expensive speakers on the market, how many are truly great? Why are “newer and better” models released so often?

How is ESP Different?

  • ESP loudspeakers are designed and built by an enthusiastic music lover and frequent concertgoer who is also one of the world’s great speaker designers. That is why ESP speakers sound so extraordinarily close to live music and why they have been owned and by so many musically discerning reviewers and industry insiders.
  • ESP loudspeakers deliver unparalleled musical involvement. There is nothing “hi-fi” or artificial about our sound.  Our speakers are legendary for their timbral naturalness, seamlessness, dimensionality, dynamic ease, and presence, which lead to more involving, longer music sessions.
  • ESP loudspeakers are often said by reviewers and industry insiders to surpass sonically the most expensive speakers in the world; yet while our parts costs and uncompromising build quality do indeed exceed those of speakers priced well above ours, our prices reflect a concern for value which is second only to our concern for absolutely unsurpassed musical realism.
  • ESP loudspeakers are hand-built and tested by the designer himself, working with a small team of master artisans. This allows us to go to perfectionist extremes that others do not; our design and build quality are absolutely without compromise.
  • ESP loudspeakers are classics, with time-tested design, perfectionist build quality, non-intrusive furniture-grade looks, and sound quality so close to that of live music that they will allow you to get off the upgrade merry-go-round once and for all.